Backpacking is the kind of travel that is far less organized that any other kind of travel. People who backpack generally do so because they want to just explore the world without having set agenda about what to do and where to go next. This is the kind of traveling where there is no set plan with regards to the route that will be selected, the places that will be visited and the kind of experiences that one would like to have. It is also associated with a low cost kind of travel in which you pack some essentials in your backpack and then take off on your own to where circumstances take you.

In most cases, people who backpack use public modes of transport (unless you are backpacking on your motorbike) and tend to stay in hostels rather than five star hotels. The planning that is required in backpacking is to decide the next stop and the means of getting there and nothing more.

Many people consider backpacking to be more than just a vacation. It is considered to be an education in some sort of a way. Either you get to learn more about the various countries that you travel or you learn more about the people that you meet. Sometimes backpacking can also teach you how to survive in various circumstances.

Backpacking in the wilderness is also very common. This is also called trekking or hiking. However, this does not fit into the backpacking that is done for travel and is more of a recreation that people seek.



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