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Travelling is something that man has been doing for many ages. While at times the purpose of travel was to find better areas to live or areas that had more resources like food and vegetation, today the motivations for travel are numerous. Just as the motivations for travelling has changed over time, the mode of transport has also changed. Earlier man had no option but to travel by walking or by getting to an animal like a horse or a donkey. But now the options that are available are also numerous and include airplanes, railways, cars and ships.

Some of the reasons that people travel for these days include recreation, tourism, research, vacationing, charity work, business associations and conferences and international affairs. While travel to various parts of the country do not required any documents other than your ticket to board a public transport, travel out of one's country almost always requires a passport and a visa for the specific country where you want to go except when specified otherwise.

The World Tourism Organization refers to tourists as people who travel and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than 24 hours and less than a complete year for purposes of leisure, or business that is not remunerated the country being visited. It is estimated that France is the most visited country across the world followed by United States, China, Spain and then Italy.

Travel was a significant part of our ancient world too. Many history books talk about explorers or philosophers who have traveled to find new places and learn from the people of the place. Sailing vessels had been invented as far back as the Neolithic age. While the motives were more to gather food and to avoid bad weather that could not be fought against, there are sure signs that travel was a significant part of ancient man.

As roads began to build in Rome and Greece, travel started taking place for the purpose of commerce and trade. Wealthy Greeks were probably the first people to start traveling for leisure. Vikings are particularly known for their travel by sailing. Pilgrims and missionaries travelled a lot during the medieval ages to spread religion and ideologies. And by the 16th century the Grand Tour became famous as a tour that all wealthy aristocrats just had to take.

Leisure travel increased with the advent of railroads and industrialization. Cox & Kings was the first travel and tourism company that was established in 1758 to meet the increasing demand of people who wanted to travel across the globe. However, it was probably Thomas Cook that put together the first holiday package in 1841.

Most people tend to travel during the summer since this is the time when the schools are off and the weather is good enough to enjoy some time out in the open too. But winter travel has also caught up with many resorts and hotels remaining open at all times of the year.


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